The Only 3 Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipes You Will Ever Need

Chocolate chip cookies are a childhood favorite and all-around crowd pleaser. While it’s true you can get a tub of Nestlé Tollhouse cookie dough that’s perfectly serviceable, it’s missing that “grandmother’s house” nostalgia. Plus, buying pre-made dough doesn’t exactly impress anyone. These three recipes however, will not only impress your guests, but totally wow your tastebuds.

3) Morgan’s Best Chewy Cafè Style Chocolate Chip Cookies from Hoast The Toast


Possibly the most pinned chocolate chip cookie recipe on the web, “merrymaking mastermind” Morgan reveals the exact technique required to get the kind of chocolate chip cookies you stare at longingly in the display cases in bakeries or underneath heavy glass dessert display lids on cafè counters. In her words, “That’s some chocolate chip cookie voodoo right there.” We totally agree.

2) Double Chocolate Chip Swirl Cookies by Sally’s Baking Addiction 


Sometimes you can’t quite decide whether to go all-in or not and indulge on double chocolate chip cookies or not. Well, Sally’s made it possible that you’ll never be faced with that decision ever again with these half classic, half double chocolate with white chocolate chip cookies. It’s the most beautiful mashup you and your dazzled guests will ever have the pleasure to consume.

1) Chef Thomas Keller‘s Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookies


As the first and only American-born chef to hold multiple Michelin three-star ratings, it’s no wonder Chef Thomas Keller of The French Laundry fame would have the ultimate chocolate chip cookie recipe. The crew at were kind enough to retrieve this amazing recipe. It is also one of the staple favorites in Keller’s classic cookbook, Ad Hoc at Home. Crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, with chocolate chips bursting in your mouth, this recipe guarantees perfection every single time. Pro-tip: Fill a pie tin or dish with Keller’s cookie dough and serve with vanilla bean ice cream to enjoy homemade cookie-pies.


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