How to Speed-Clean Your Kitchen

Whoever said keeping house was easy must have been a man, lazy clueless one at that. If housekeeping was easy and a one time job then there would be a lot more happy faces around us all day. What’s even worse is that the cleaning seems to be a never-ending chore. You can complete your work in office and step out satisfied but the home is another matter altogether. Yet you can’t let the sink overflow with dirty dishes or have used pots and pans crowding your cooktop and counters. The more you let them sit the harder you have to work on cleaning and wiping away the grime. Yes, this is a constant headache and you will have to tackle it every day. But that doesn’t mean you have to toil away for hours at it either. Here are some tips to speed clean your kitchen and in a matter of minutes you can turn your kitchen dirty to sparkling clean.


Get your supplies together and keep them in one easily reachable place. This way you don’t have to go hunting for them and waste time. This may include your mops, brooms, cleansers, dishcloths, cleaning solutions, sponges, wet wipes, dry tissues and anything else you may need along with your cleaning gloves.


This is supposed to get dirty if you are cooking and needs to be kept spotless clean for hygienic reasons. Before you start on the rest of the cleaning, spray your range top with a good quality cleaning solution and let it sit while you tackle the rest of the room. It will soak in all the grime and grease so that you start wiping it, it keep come out clean in a jiffy.


A clean kitchen springs from clean countertops. No matter how large or small a kitchen is, it will never look good with overloaded countertops. All appliances that you don’t need on a daily basis should be packed up and put away in a shelf. Remove all items that don’t belong to a kitchen at all. These could be anything from your kid’s headband carelessly thrown on the counter to the unopened mail. Once you have gotten rid of the clutter, wipe it clean and let it shine.

Sweep the floor:

Before your floor gets water on it from the rinsing, take a broom and sweep the floor of debris. If you see marks on the floor use an all-purpose wet wipe to spot clean. Now gather the mess and whisk it all away into your trash can. Remember, this is everyday cleaning and not deep cleaning which you can relegate to any weekend or another day. Take the trash out and reline the trash container for the next day.


Unloading a dishwasher is perhaps the most boring task in the world, but un-load you have to. Make sure you do that first so that all the currently used dishes can be stacked inside right away. This will help clean the counters fast and make your job easier. A word of advice, keep loading the used dishes and glasses right away instead of letting them stack up in the sink. Just rinse then and stack them in. This way when it’s time to clean you can get it done faster.

Soak dishes:

For the more stubborn dishes you may need a bit of soaking to coax the grime and grease out. Fill up the sink with hot water and some liquid dish soap and let the dishes soak in all that foamy goodness. After a few minutes you find that you don’t have to scrub too hard to get them clean. Put whatever is dishwasher safe into the machine and wash the rest by hand and stack them in a wire basket to dry.

Wiping down:

Wiping down every available surface is a must for proper cleaning as well as for maintaining a sanitary kitchen. Cabinets, handles and pulls, fridge handles everything that you have touched during and after cleaning needs a good cleaner and wipe. This also includes the cabinet for your trash can. Next comes the appliances and the sink.

Back to the range:

Now it’s time to go back to the cooktop and wipe it down. Remove all traces of the cleaner that you sprayed and you will see all the grime easily come off along with it. When it’s done, give a final sweep of the dry rag and it will shine just as new.


Now that the floor is clean of debris and all water work is done, pick up a mop to give the kitchen floor a good swipe. You can also vacuum it all away but if you are feeling lazy about hooking it all up just mop for the time being.

Sponges and rags:

They have done their jobs so it’s time to rinse and wring them out to dry. If you are using wet wipes then makes sure you do all this and trash them before taking the garbage out.

Now your kitchen is spotless and shiny though not deeply cleaned. Just fold the towels and straighten the items that you have decided to keep on the counters. In a matter of minutes you have your kitchen back to the way you want it. As the dishwasher starts to hum in the background give yourself a high five. Better yet, pour yourself a glass of wine and put your feet up. Hey, don’t worry about that one more glass, you know it can be cleaned up in a jiffy!


Written by Bambi Majumdar.

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