How to Learn Cooking by Yourself

Not all of us experts in cooking from day one, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn. If you have the knack for it you will learn how to cook quicker than others while some might take a long time of it. If you have the time to join a cookery course it may be easier for there will be expert teachers to help you through the process. But a course not only means dedicating a chunk of your time, it also means an expenditure which you may not be prepared for at the moment. Then again, waiting for the right moment means that moment may never come along. Thankfully there are ways to learn cooking by yourself without sweating it too much. A few easy tips to do so.

Tip #1 – Buy some cookbooks 

This is the age old way to learn. Some of us have those old family recipes that make such a perfect guide to all the great dishes we have loved all our lives. They have come down to us from our great grandmothers to mothers, as a handmade cookbook and diary to refer to. Others have the option to choose from the exhaustive collection of cookbooks displayed at the bookstores, each more appealing and interesting than the other. They are works from experts who have taken the art of cooking and broken it down to easy steps for us to follow.

Tip #2 – Learn the terminology 

Before you plunge into the recipes you need to know the cooking terminology well. Cookbooks are available for the wide variety of cuisines available around the world, and you will find each has its own special terms. Added to these are some terms and definitions that only a cook or chef will understand so you need to do our research well. From the right tools to the right measurements and ingredients, nothing will fall in place unless you understand what they really mean.

Tip #3 – Check out a videos 

The audio-visual media can help even better and thanks to the Internet we now have access to umpteen videos from across the world. Even if you have no time to join a cookery course you can follow the step by step instructions provided in these videos to learn how to develop this new skill of yours. For some of us, the videos are a bigger help than the books since we can get firsthand knowledge of the ingredients and how to use them.

Tip #4 – Know the various ingredients 

In order to use the various ingredients well, it is important to know what they are. Check out the glossary sections of the cookbooks that you have invested in and you will find a ready list of definitions for the ingredients used. Of course, with the ever trusted Google we, the denizens of the 21st century, don’t have to struggle too hard. Just go online whenever you need to know about a particular product and you will be all set for your next cooking experiment.

Tip #5 – Get familiar with the tools

The best chefs will tell you how the right tools are important to get the right taste out of your dishes. This too needs a bit of research so devote sometime to know them and then buy them before you start. Wok cooking will mean different items while baking or grilling may need a wholly different set of tools altogether.

Tip #6 – Follow the cookery shows 

There is a reason why the cookery shows garner the best ratings around the world. They are not just fun and entertaining but they teach without any effort as well. Even the most novice cook will feel motivated enough to try out his or her skills in the kitchen following their particular cookery show.

Tip #7 – Try the simple recipes first 

There is something called prepping in cooking and you will soon realize the importance of it. In a way, all of the above has been prepping your own self to cook and now it’s time to try your skills out. Start with the easiest and simples recipes, not just because they are easy and will get you the best results quickly, but because you need to keep yourself motivated. When you taste success, you will feel like trying some more recipes out.


Written by Bambi Majumdar

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