6 Fun Foods to Make with Kids

Ever since the decline of Home Ec classes, more and more teens have stopped learning basic cookery skills. There’s a pretty easy way to mitigate that problem however, and that’s to get ’em young. Getting your kids involved with food prep will not only make them more willing to try new foods and thus broaden their tastes, but it will build an appreciation for cooking which will serve them well in their adulthood. Try these six dinner and dessert ideas to get your kids interested in what they’re eating and how to make them.

6) Rice Crispy Treats

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No kid would refuse to make homemade rice crispy treats. This basic recipe opens up a whole range of decorating possibilities. Even if it rots the family’s teeth or causes a whole gradeschool classroom to go hyperactive, it’ll be totally worth it for the utter cuteness opportunity to expand a child’s creative talent.

5) Stick Stacks and Multi-Decker Desserts

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Basically a pancake recipe paired with the family activity of gathering favorite toppings, like strawberries and Nutella, and stacking them on skewers or into a multilayer pancake cake. This kid-friendly recipe and a whole bunch more are available in Bean Apetit: Hip and Healthy Ways to Happy Tummies.

4) Tacos

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Kids can be notoriously picky eaters, so choosing a food you can put virtually anything into is going to be a universal win around the table. Here’s a list of 11 taco recipes with everything from healthy alternatives like turkey, to vegetarian options, and even spaghetti for a delicious frankenfood experimentation.

3) Popsicles

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Feel free to go all out and make these Sunshine Pops by Martha Stewart with layers of cranberry syrup and cantaloupe smoothie or try any of her other popsicle recipes. But if you’re not quite ready to go pro, just buy these awesome silicone, BPA-free popsicle molds or any of these Amazon ice pop mold bestsellers and fill them up with layers of your kids’ (and your favorite) juices.

2) Cheese-Stuffed Meatballs and Spaghetti

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Forget ordering stuffed crust pizza from your local chain. Kids love spaghetti and meatballs, and tired parents will love it even more because packaged noodles and a jar of sauce isn’t too hard to put together. Plus adding just the tiniest bit of interactive cooking will not only make it fun for kids, but super tasty for the whole family. Get this fantastic, hands-on recipe here.

1) “Decorate” Your Own Pizza

Source: foodnetwork.com

Instead of fighting over what toppings to get or having your kids sullenly pick off whatever seems to be offending their childish sensibilities, make it fun and personal by doing pizza at home. Pick up some ready-made dough and pizza sauce, plus a big bag of mozzarella cheese at the store, root around your fridge for anything that can pass as a topping, and let your kids go nuts. When you’re ready to step it up a notch, try Bobby Flay’s pizza dough recipe at home and get that crust as thick, thin, crunchy or pillowy as your heart desires.


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