5 YouTube Channels for the Casual Cook

For many just coming into adulthood, being taught how to cook just wasn’t on the menu. Happily though, the internet has provided the answer to the growing need for interesting and fun ways for people to get interested in cooking.

Here are the five Youtube cookings shows that will get you excited to start cooking:

5) Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies

Ro started her channel citing baking as her hobby and not knowing what lemon zest was, but Nerdy Nummies has grown more and more as a way for fans of all different stripes to try cooking something inspired by their favorite fandom. From Game of Thrones pizza to Captain America cake, Ro has recipes for every kind of geek and for every level of geeky cook.

4) Sorted Food

Because who doesn’t want to up their cooking game with a bunch of British guys serving up tasty modern recipes like hardcore popcorn and banana leaf baked cod? The team is hilarious to watch and they’ve got a a lot of style to go with their tremendous flavours.

3) Hilah Cooking

Hilah gets that we don’t all aspire to be the next Top Chef or want a trendy, healthy alternative. Hilah’s recipes are very accessible, hardly ever needing fancy ingredients or kitchen equipment. She has a variety of recipes from breakfast enchiladas to good ‘ol Southern classics like biscuits and gravy.

2) Laura in the Kitchen

Laura Vitale is a self-taught, professional home cook who’s a go-to for family favorites like chicken fingers and Italian classics like chicken penne with vodka sauce. If you’re short on recipes passed down from generation to generation, Laura’s got plenty to share.

1) Gordon Ramsay’s Home Cookery Course

Gordon Ramsay‘s murderous persona on reality TV might be a turn off for a lot of people, but he’s positively soothing when teaching kitchen basics. His YouTube channel was made as a visual tutorial for his Ultimate Home Cookery Course cookbook and when you’re ready to go gourmet in the kitchen, his no-nonsense recipes are the place to start. This roast chicken recipe will be the only one you will ever need for either a fancy holiday meal or special weekday dinner.


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