5 Desserts and Delights (That You Can Actually Do)

We’ve already shared our favorite Youtube cooking shows, but for those of you who have just been introduced to these internet chefs, you might not know where to start. To satisfy your sweet-tooth and curb cravings, here’s a list of recipes even the most hesitant home cook can accomplish, starting with breakfast…

5) Basic Waffle Recipe — Hilah Cooking

Hilah’s waffles were like our gateway food to baking. When we discovered this recipe, we realized the waffle experience Eggo had been robbing us of for years.  Nowadays we’ll make a double batch of Hilah’s recipe (which yields roughly 20 square, belgian-style waffles) and freeze whatever’s leftover to pop in the toaster another day. These are great to serve when your family visits because it’s sure to please kids and adults alike.


  • You can do half all-purpose flour and half whole wheat as a healthier alternative.
  • You can prepare the waffle batter the night before and store it in the fridge, just work out the stiffness with a spoon while waiting for the waffle iron to heat up.
  • We got this waffle iron when it was on sale and recommend getting a multiple waffle iron rather than the single round because nothing is more torturous than making one waffle at the time and having to watch one person eat while everyone else waits.

4) Individual Chocolate Tarts — Gordon Ramsay

These chocolate tarts were the first dessert we ever made because it involved hardly any baking at all. I used frozen pie crust from Trader Joe’s and BAM! decadent chocolate desserts that I was proud to serve to family and friends. What you’re saving on labor, however, you should invest in chocolate in a quality brand of chocolate for a smoother, glossier, and richer chocolate ganache.

Instead of the suggested toffee topping, make tarts extra special by adding white chocolate hearts or swirls using these toothpick techniques.  Or, if they’re in season, add a raspberry puree for tartness or a blackberry puree for a subtler, deeper sweetness that pairs well with red wine or brown and dark ales.

You can view the recipe here, but if you prefer the non-metric version for your American kitchen, you can get it in Gordon’s complete Home Cooking book.

3) Rosanna Pansino’s Mini Panda Oreo Cheesecakes — Nerdy Nummies

Here’s another dessert cheat, since the “cooking” for this treat mostly consists of mashing up Oreos. The difficulty of Ro’s recipes mostly comes from the decorating, so hey, if the deliciousness of your mini cheesecakes isn’t effected by whether or not there’s an adorable panda on top, feel free to skip that step and tuck in.

2) Giftable Chocolate, Banana & Fudge Muffins — Sorted Food

Once you’ve mastered doing a few desserts yourself, you might want to start parading your skills around and show people’s you’ve become a competent cook and the kind of foodie friend who encourages their loved ones to bake their own awesome DIY chocolate ban-udge muffins.

The friend who receives this edible gift from you is a guaranteed friend for life. Just make sure they make it while you’re around to taste. Or give it as a gift to yourself, we won’t judge.

1) Mini Apple Pie Recipe — Laura in the Kitchen

All roads eventually lead to apple pie. Honestly, we thought there would be more to this American classic, like fairy dust harvested from the scrapings taken from Martha Stewart’s fingernails, but it turned out to be really straight forward. We don’t have any tips to offer other than follow Laura’s instructions exactly. To get that homemade, passed down the family for generations taste, you can’t cheat.

She has the recipe for a traditionally sized apple pie, but for some reason we like the mini ones best. Maybe because then we feel like we get to indulge in a whole apple pie every time we eat one.


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