4 Healthy Food Swaps Anyone Can Do

With documentaries like Food, Inc. and Forks Over Knives cramming the need for nutrition awareness down our throats, it’s hard not to be worried about healthy eating. But with so many health trends and “healthy” substitutes, it’s not a question of what to do, but where to start. Here are the five easiest food swaps that require almost no effort at all and will be better for you in the long run:

4) Whole Wheat Bread Over White Bread

NPR had to ask the co-director of the Flavor Research and Education Center at the University of Minnesota why we prefer the smell and taste of white bread and found out there are real and valid scientific reasons why it’s hard to make that switch.

However, bread companies have been making strides to bridge that preferential gap. Most people hate whole wheat bread because it’s bitter and grainier compared to the pillowy softness of Wonder Bread, but nowadays groceries carry alternatives like white whole wheat bread which simply derives from a different type of wheat that nonetheless still has all the nutrients and fiber required for a healthier diet.

3) Deep Green Salads Instead of Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce has been getting a bad rap lately and there’s been a backlash of iceberg defenders, but let’s face it, whether you’re comparing by calories or nutrition per calorie, the fact is that the average American probably doesn’t get enough servings of vegetables regardless of the nutritional breakdown. So to get the most health bang for your dietary buck, you should fill your salads with romaine, spinach, kale, arugula, or dandelion greens instead of iceberg, which is supported by plenty of research and is a suggested substitution by the Mayo Clinic.

2) Poached Eggs Beats Fried

Okay, admittedly we’re moving into territory that requires slightly more effort, or in this case, patience. If you love runny eggs, then you’re in luck because poached eggs are unequivocally better for you in every way compared to any other method of egg preparation.  It cuts out the need for butter, oil, or cream and delivers protein, Vitamin D, anti-oxidants and all sorts of other health benefits. Plus, you can’t have Eggs Benedict without them.

1) Craft Beers and Wine Are Your New Healthier, Lower Calorie Best Friends

If there was ever a case to stop drinking cheap beer, this is it. There’s a reason why American beers don’t sell well to Europe and it isn’t because Germany is just better at it, but that there are some food ingredients that are banned by the EU that are still used in the US. So apart from this list of 8 beers you can quit buying immediately, if you’re going to drink, it’s recommended to choose dark beers and wines (especially red), which are generally the healthiest and lowest in calories and have quite a few fringe benefits if enjoyed in moderation.


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