12 Moments of Delectable Food P*rn

Before television, watching your mom cook was the evening’s entertainment. Since the advent of the Food Channel and now the internet, watching someone physically cook has been replaced by what is now known as “food p*rn”. We’ve all done it. Whether hunting down our favorite clips from Anthony Bourdain’s many food travel shows or binging on Buzzfeed’s foodie centric vids (like these amazing food moments or these foodie feelings), food p*rn is something the human brain naturally gravitates towards. Heck, South Korea has made it into a kind of social movement known as mukbang, where people film themselves feasting.

There’s no need to troll around the deep parts of the internet, guiltily watching cooking shows and restaurant tours in the dead of the night while slurping down CupNoodles.

Instead, just inhale this perfect dozen of delectable food p*rn that we’ve carefully selected for your vicarious pleasure:


Let’s start out easy with this American classic, the humble hotdog, and up it to epic proportions of creative flavors and toppings, like the surf and turf dog or a Vietnamese-inspired Bahn Appétite dog.


Caluccio’s is a foodie institution worth paying homage to. But hey, if you can’t make it out to any of its main locations in the UK or the only one here in the US, you can always try it at home. Food p*rn is best served up by accented master chefs and with close-ups of pork frying in the pan. You can almost taste the al dente pasta as Caluccio lovingly twirls it around the fork tines.


MOLECULE-R’s Flavors’ Mixology Playlist blends (ha, see what we did there?) science and booze to make these stunning cocktails. These aren’t food gimmicks. This is science making flavors purer.


Simply delicious eye candy.


Some people search the globe and stalk neighborhoods for the best pizza. They are absolutely right to do so.


You know any show Bourdain helped produce would be great and whatever you think of David Chang’s attitude, you can’t deny that the man does know his flavors and when he’s the one indulging, he goes all in. This episode of Mind of a Chef is titled “Gluttony” because in it, foie gras double downs are consumed, whiskey in vast quantities is imbibed, and oh yeah, pasta is made from fat.


Richard Blaise, Top Chef Allstar darling, hasn’t abandoned molecular gastronomy, but for his YouTube appearance, he’s embraced the simpler foodie pleasures, like with this Burger Lab playlist full of everything great about the classic times a bazillion.


What food does LA do best? Mexican food, obviously.


This clip from Jiro Dreams of Sushi goes through Jiro’s complete sushi tasting menu. It’s like a kickass dance of zen eats.


Mark and Spencers is not that special of a store, but this perfectly timed rhythm of the best moments just before consumption is possibly the most brilliant thing created for the sake of advertisement. No one with a beating pulse could resist the sumptuous allure of this ad.


If you haven’t eaten pho before, then you haven’t lived. If you have had pho, watching this clip of Bourdain slurping from this steaming bowl while actually in Vietnam is sweet, sweet torture. The way your mouth waters hurts so good.


The creator of this Dessert P*rn playlist is the fallen angel of desserts. Pure, unadulterated pastry creations. Luscious creams. Flakey curves. These are what fill our foodie wet dreams. No talking. No directions. Just an HD camera, the right lighting, and the food bare, but far from raw.



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