10 Silicone Kitchenware You Need to Switch Over to Immediately

Silicone is the trendy new material popping up in kitchens everywhere. There’s a lot of advantages to silicone. It’s heat resistant, chemically inert (meaning no harmful chemicals are being leaked into your food), and it gets the environmental friendly stamp of approval because everything is easily reusable given it’s also dishwasher safe.

There are some naysayers about the safety of silicone, but the internet has generally agreed that most of the negatives about silicone (the plastic-y or burning smell or color dye run off) is due to cheap fillers, rather than the silicone rubber itself. You can read the articles (here, here, here, and here) and decide for yourself, but consensus is that if you pay a little extra, you’re paying for more quality silicone and by avoiding the lowest costing products, you avoid the cheap fillers.

Unless you’re chemically sensitive, silicone kitchenware is a fantastic and creative alternative, given the huge range of applications and fun molds available. Here’s our list of the top 10 silicone products your kitchen is yearning for:

10) Utensils

Source: Amazon.com

If you’ve ever scratched the teflon off your pan, whisking a gravy or scrambled eggs, or melted a spatula by accident after leaving it resting on a hot pan, your prayers have been answered because silicone won’t melt and it won’t damage your pans. There are a number of good looking silicone whisks, spatulas, tongs, basting brushes, and kitchen utensil sets that are available for less than $100 to kit out your entire kitchen.

9) Tea Dispenser

Source: Amazon.com

If you’re the type of tea drinker who has tins and tins of specialty blends, most likely you’re also the kind of person who will get a kick out of all the cute silicone tea infusers. Whether it’s this group of ParTea companions, this inexpensive strawberry, this manatee couple, or these classic, butler-status reusable “bags”.

8) Lids and Containers

Source: Amazon.com

Do you really want to wash both a serving dish and the tupperware you had to transfer your food into to store in the fridge? No. Do you want to risk your perfectly brewed tea or coffee to get cold? Heck no. Silicone’s got the solution with these lids that suction to the top of any plate, bowl, cup, or pan. They come in different sizes and colors, and can also be used as splatter cover for the microwave or to prevent your stuff from boiling over. There’s also these super stretchy lids that ensure a perfect fit over any shape.

Of course, if you’re a traditionalist, or simply don’t have the space, try these collapsable silicone containers. Stores flat, but holds plenty, including a whole bucket of icy beer.

7) Popsicle Molds

Source: Amazon.com

We’ve mentioned these before and if you need ideas for what to put in the molds to make perfect popsicles in the summer months, you can find recipe ideas here. Whether you go for the classic shape, twisties, sea creatures, push pops, or these rockets and astronauts, you literally can’t go wrong with silicone.

6) Eggs

Source: Amazon.com

For the eggs-for-breakfast purist, change it up a little with these silicone egg ring shapes. You can get a skull, bunny, owl, or the diner-perfect circle. Also, if your egg skills need a teeny bit of help, there’s also this nifty egg yolk separator and these poaching pouches.

5) Ice Cube Molds

Source: Amazon.com

Ever had a frustrating time trying to get the ice cubes from your tray? You try twisting, you pound it on the counter a few times, maybe even run water on the bottom—all to try and dislodge the things you desperately need to cool your drink down. Well it’s silicone to the rescue! These mini ice cube trays have silicone bottoms that let you easily and painlessly pop the ice out of the molds and into your grateful drink. This Arctic Chill company has made a line of ice cube trays that promise slow-melting ice cubes. And of course, pictured above are these nifty sphere molds, which are perfect for fancy whiskey and cocktail fans who drink with their pinkies up and desire 360° chill coverage.

4) Pan Mitts, Gloves, and Holders

Source: Amazon.com

In a kitchen, accidentally burning yourself or ruining your wood tabletop is somewhat expected, but silicone might just revolutionize your kitchen experience. You’ll no longer have to risk yourself with worn oven mitts or ineffective pot holders. Arm yourself with silicone oven mitts, pot holders (which quadruple as trivet mats, jar openers, spoon rests, and garlic peelers), handle covers, and if you’re totally gung-ho, these BBQ and baking oven gloves.

3) Baking Mats

Source: Amazon.com

Have you ever done two racks of cookies and the lower sheet of cookies had the bottoms burnt? It’s because you didn’t have heat-resistant silicone to help you out. Seriously, stop shelling out for rolls and rolls of aluminum foil and get silicone baking mats. They come in multiple sizes, including one for standard toaster ovens, and some even have measurements on the sides and perfectly distributed circles to aid your cookie placement.

2) Cupcakes!

Source: Amazon.com

The exclamation point is not an exaggeration. Probably the best by-product that’s come from silicone is cupcake related. If you don’t want to spring for an entire cupcake silicone “pan”, which is especially useful for mini muffins since they can be popped out from the bottom just like with the ice cubes, there’s also the option of reusable cupcake/muffin baking cups or fairy cake liners. If you want to go the extra mile, there are also flower and heart shaped variations.

1) Fun Food Molds

Source: Amazon.com

Obviously, if cupcake liners could be bear shaped and eggs can be skull shaped, then you’ve probably inferred that silicone has the ability to come in every shape and size imaginable, including the kind of stuff that’s already been imagined like LEGOS, Star Wars, animals and all sorts of fancy, mini cake shapes. These are great for candy, chocolates, ice, cakes, or even used as candle or soap molds.

So go out and have fun with silicone!



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